4 Easy DIY Decor with Twigs and Branches!

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Explore your campground and the great outdoors! Bring back some TWIGS AND BRANCHES for these cool DIY projects.

Souvenirs! A definite perk of traveling in your RV is finding all those cool and unique items that become treasured keepsakes from your roadside adventures. Whether it be functional items or simply decor items, it sure is fun to create your RV setup that reflects your family’s vibe! We like the rustic, camping, and nature inspired look to decorate our RV. Think campfires and adorable little black bears and you’ll see why these 4 EASY DIY TWIGS and BRANCHES projects are a good fit. These decor items have minimal steps and materials, which is also why they made our list of cool things to share. I want to make the candle holders and the picture frame first.

Twig Candle Holders

Love these! Found these made by Marianne at Songbird. When you’re out for a walk at the campground or sightseeing at an awesome nature park, look for some twigs on the ground with dark or light colors that you like. Grab an old glass container (any shape and size) and cut the twigs to whatever length you prefer. Lastly, hot glue them to the outside of the container. Add your tea light candle (real or flameless). Done! How pretty! Marianne stated that the square shape candle is made from a Q-tip box.

To read her entire blog on these candles and other neat decorating ideas, go to:


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