4 Easy DIY Decor with Twigs and Branches!

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Twig & Moss Picture Frame

My favorite use of twigs! I’ve been on so many walks with my Beagle, some of which were more for exploring than exercise due to her serious Beagle nose. Wouldn’t it be great to gather some twigs from such a nature walk, take a few adorable pics of her nose to the ground and make an awesome keepsake? I think so.

This DIY project is from Stacy Risenmay’s site, Not Just A Housewife. I like how few materials you need for this project. You need a plain wood frame ($1), craft acrylic paint and sponge brush, glue gun and twigs. Some optional items are moss from the craft store and any other trinket (like candy eggs in the photo) that you’d like to add.

Just paint the wood frame a matching brown color for the twigs to blend in and hot glue the twigs to the frame. You can stop there or add some moss, cute little eggs, or really any special item you like. I would add a little paw print or dog bone trinket to my picture frame for a great memory of the day.

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These DIY projects with twigs and branches from your RV travels are a great way to have meaningful souvenirs for everyone!

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