Interested in a BRAND NEW, FREE Blue Ox Tow Bar? Check out Blue Ox’s Fit Program! You may be one of the fortunate customers whose tow vehicle meets the criteria! Basically, if your tow vehicle’s make, model and year has not yet been fitted with a Blue Ox tow bar, then you meet the criteria. Blue Ox will custom fit the baseplate on your car and provide you with a brand new tow bar. Wait, it gets better… your FREE tow bar is NOT a bottom of the line model, you’ll get Blue Ox’s HIGHER END model! We had the opportunity to take part in this Fit Program in August, 2013 and had NO regrets. If you can do it, we highly recommend it. Blue Ox informs you that it’s typically a 3 day install time. Ours was done in 2 days. In the morning of day 3, we test fit everything with the Blue Ox guy at our site and all went just fine.

RV Beagle

RV Beagle

While your car is “getting fit” with its baseplate, you and your RV will be set up at their on site campground with Full Hook Ups for FREE during the install time. We thought this sweetened the deal as their campground was more than acceptable. The site that we were reserved on had a huge concrete pad with a patio and picnic table. It was a level and spacious site and we were pleasantly  surprised. The road driving in was level gravel and the grounds were very well kept with nice green grass and small trees spaced throughout.

The campground was for the most part empty, when we were there. One other RV, parked next to us, was there for service (not the Fit Program). This couple stated that they were pleased with their Blue Ox Tow Bar. During our stay, Blue Ox offered use of a loaner car while our car was being fit. This freebie, although appreciated, wasn’t as nice. Basically, the car had seen better days but it was ok for going to the local grocery store or post office down the street. There really wasn’t much to do in town anyway, so transportation was last on the list of necessities. Our down time included relaxing at our site and of course exploring with our beagle. She loved exploring there, sticking her nose in the little holes in the ground sniffing out some little ground squirrel or some critter.

We were offered a free guided tour of the Blue Ox Facility and we accepted. The tour was well worth it. We walked through the factory and observed the employees at work. We learned quite a bit about the product and the company. We left feeling pretty impressed with the quality of the Blue Ox product and saw that customer satisfaction is held to a high standard at Blue Ox. After our car was done and we hooked up everything, we decided to take the rest of the day (day 3) to drive around the town and nearby area and then left the next morning. Huge patches of sunflowers were cool.

What did we pay for?  We paid for the wiring kit for the tail lights ($45), the electrical cable to connect the car to the RV ($71), the 4 inch drop receiver for level install of the tow bar ($100), the locks ($67) and the cover ($33).  Important Note: The tow bar should be installed level wth the ground. Depending upon the ride height of your RV and the height of the baseplate, a drop receiver will be required if there’s more than a 4 inch difference between the receiver on the RV and the baseplate on the towed vehicle.

Overall, we had a great experience with Blue Ox’s Fit Program. We drove to a new area, which was quiet with pretty sunsets, had some relaxing down time and got an awesome tow bar for free. So, if you’re in the market to buy a tow bar, give Blue Ox a call and ask about the Fit Program. If it’s a go, then gas up and head to Blue Ox’s Factory in Pender, Nebraska.

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