Full Time RVing…A Great Path to De-own vs. Declutter

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Some people may get concerned and even a bit overwhelmed when thinking about “selling it all and going on the road”, becoming full time RVers. Rv’s are awesome for everyone, but not everyone may want to or have the opportunity to live in their RV full time.

We came across this great article by Joshua Becker, that laid it all out about people and “their stuff” and how we continue the struggle to organize our stuff to make life happier. He talks about how we try to find better tips or bigger containers for organization and all we are really doing is finding a temporary solution which is rearranging. Joshua recommends “Don’t Just Declutter, De-own.”

We thought that Joshua explained the whole idea behind “It is far better to De-own than Declutter.” so well, and that it speaks to the mindset needed to comfortably and without regret make that transition toward full time RVing. Here’s a summary of Joshua’s straightforward words for thought about removing those possessions in our home and thus finding that we can be happy with less.

Shortcomings of Organizing our stuff:

It doesn’t benefit anyone else: Possessions we don’t use just sit and they could be needed by others.

It doesn’t solve our debt problems: It never addresses the underlying issue that we just buy too much stuff. Also, …even costs us more as we purchase containers, storage units, or larger homes to house it.

It doesn’t turn back our desire for more: The act alone of organizing doesn’t turn back our desire to buy more things (doesn’t stop our culture driven inclination to find happiness in our possessions).

It doesn’t force us to evaluate our lives: Although organizing allows us to “look” at our possessions as we put them into boxes, it doesn’t allow us to evaluate them. As you remove your possessions (de-own them), you are forced to think about passions, values and what’s most important to you.

It accomplishes little in paving the way for other changes: “Organizing may provide a temporary lift to our attitude.” It may clear our mind, but not provide a way to make healthy, lifestyle changes.

We really like the message of Joshua’s article… if we remove the unneeded things in our home and take ourselves away from the all-consuming desire to own more and more, than we can create opportunities to make life changes for ourselves and find freedom and happiness with owning less. We think that it’s safe to say that most full time RVers have found this to be true!


To check out Joshua’s entire article go to: http://www.becomingminimalist.com



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