Halloween Scare Road Trip!


Travel the country looking for the ultimate scream fest! Plan your Halloween festivities to include visiting some of these SCARIEST attractions! No candy here!


We saw a short clip of the hayride on The Travel Channel and we were impressed! It’s a must on our list of places to see. Riding through the dark woods while someone jumps out at you…awesome! It seems like this haunted hayride attraction has a bit of everything scary. Lots of actors to jump out at you as well as neat scenery and special effects. This attraction was actually a Travel Channel’s #1 haunted attraction. Check it out at Arasapha Farm, just outside of Philadelphia PA! There are 3 attractions at Arasapha Farm: Bates Motel, Haunted Hayride and Haunted Corn Maze. We can’t wait to go.


This one looks creepy! The Bates Motel can be described as having spooky music, awesome special effects with levitating spirits and creepy feelings of being watched. Afterall, who wouldn’t be scared of an old, creepy hotel…especially the infamous Bates Motel!


This hayride is described as action packed! It features over 75 actors and 25 scenes to scare even the fearless. A group takes a hayride through the dark woods and SCREAMS follow. Very cool. It’s a 25 minute thrilling ride. Plan to see cool special effects, too. We saw a sneak peak of bursting flames and freaky looking people trying to get ya. Since this is a moving ride, we bet it’s even more intense because you can’t run or walk fast through the attraction. Guess you can just close your eyes and duck! Cool!


Walk through a dark, tall corn maze with over 30 actors terrifying you! The corn maze has a haunted trail. This year’s haunted trail theme is “Revenge of the Scarecrow”. At this corn maze, you’ll also walk through buildings and sets and see animatronic monsters.





Travel to Michigan to walk through the world’s LARGEST haunted house! Also featured on The Travel Channel, Erebus is a four story warehouse (purchased as an abandoned Pontiac warehouse downtown) with “…unique and different…” special effects. Erebus employs about 250 people and each night has about 90 actors. Themes include a mutant gorilla (actor driven) that follows and reaches for you, Uncle Freddy in a casket and a spooky, chilling swamp!





Do a Halloween ZIP-LINE! High Point, North Carolina is home to SPOOKYWOODS! This attraction begins in a haunted house and then visitors ride a tram that goes through the SPOOKYWOODS! Here, scary characters jump onboard at times. Next, visitors exit the tram and venture through a haunted cornfield. It’s dark and scary and creepy characters are looking for you! Once you’re out of the cornfield, A SPOOKYWOODS MAZE is ahead. The forest is 90,000 sq.ft. Sweet! This haunted attraction was recognized by USA Today and The Travel Channel.





Austin, Texas is the place for this terrifying attraction. This year, opening dates are from September 18th through November 7th. They’re also open for a “Black Out” event on November 13-14th where you walk through the attraction with only a glow stick. Now, that’s spooky cool! The three experiences here are Dead End District, Hex of the Harvest and Slaughterhouse.

“Dead End District” is a chaotic, fallen city. How cool to walk through a city that was destroyed by a half human / half insect scientist, Dr. Ectobus?

“Hex of the Harvest” is a cursed island with a coven of witches! Visitors hope they won’t be seen as enemies and cursed by these witches.

“Slaughterhouse” / “Laughterhouse” is a clown house with chainsaw-wielding clowns! They say that the clowns are strengthened by the screams and fears of  those who enter the house. Scary!



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