Most RVers agree…”8 Reasons Why People Who Spend Money on Experiences Are Happier”

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Just like the well known commercial says, “Go RVing” (as Tom Selleck sells it so nicely) so many families find truth in choosing RVing as a meaningful and incomparable vacation option for themselves. Once they try it, they’re hooked. Of course for those RVing full time, a common response would be… “We told you so.” followed by “What took you so long?”  After all, road trips in general are equated with FUN and NEW EXPERIENCES!

So, we found this article by Mike Oppland at that nicely sums up WHY we RVers love what we do and why we wouldn’t want to give it up! Enjoy this share as a reaffirmation of spending your time RVing and/or as another way to explain to the family or friends why you love RVing so much (especially for those full timers)! We really liked the message here, and wanted to share it with all of those who have gratefully let their RV find those experiences for them! Enjoy!

  1. Experiences Can’t Be Quantified: Experiences are priceless while material items always have an expiration date. 
  2. Experiences Help Define Your Purpose and Passions: Your purpose and your passions should serve as your compass through life. 
  3. Experiences Introduce You To Different Wordly Perspectives: Traveling is undeniably one of the greatest ways to experience various cultures.
  4. Experiences Teach You Life Lessons: Traveling to new places teaches patience, acceptance, understanding, as well as organizational skills.
  5. Experiences Help You To Express Gratitude: If you fill up your life with experiences imagine how grateful you are going to be for your existence.
  6. Experiences are Unforgettable and Joyful Memories: Invest in experiences that you will treasure, not only in the present moment, but for the rest of your life.
  7. Experiences are Exciting and Challenging: Your experiences will inspire you, and at times, call you to take action.
  8. Experiences are Meaningful For You or You Wouldn’t Be Spending Money on Them:  What experiences are important to your well-being? In most cases you will know immediately, and the money you invest in them will be money well spent. 

This article concludes with these meaningful words… “Go ahead and fill your life up with experiences. Many of them will cost you nothing. Some of them will be reasonably priced, and maybe some will be expensive from a financial standpoint, but rich with rewarding memories and life lessons.”

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  1. We were late arriving at his home in Michigan, traveling in our RV, my brother Jim told worried relatives, “Don’t worry Ken and MaryAnne are experienced travelers!” I thought of that comment reading your article. When things get a little tough on the road I recall Jim’s comment…

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