This guy built his own teardrop camper on a flatbed trailer

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This is a really cool idea, build your own teardrop camper on a flatbed trailer base; lots of work but also a lot less expensive.

The builder, Pat Peters, had the following requirements for his trailer:

– The trailer must be fairly light. We were towing this trailer with our 2009 Nissan Versa which isn’t recommended to tow more then 1500 lbs over long distances.

– The trailer needed to be big enough for 2 adults to sleep comfortably inside. We also wanted extra storage space and room for a small kitchen with a sink and counter space for a fold up stove.

– For electricity, the trailer needed to be able to fully operate without charging for at least 48 hours. Several of the places we were staying in wouldn’t have electrical hook-ups, which meant we would be running completely off of whatever battery we would decide to use for those nights.

Pat had a budget of just $2,000 plus up to $200 for tools, $2200 for a teardrop trailer is a great deal.  Pat posted his build on his personal blog at Project Pat’s Projects and a condensed version on

Our personal needs for an RV vary considerable from Pat’s so this wouldn’t work that well for us, especially being fulltimers.  If I were in a different position and had a garage where I might take on a project like this, I think I would really enjoy the build, the best part would be all the custom stuff just the way I would want it.  I don’t think I could go full-time in something this size, but it would be perfect for weekend trips and light enough to tow behind most anything.  If you have children old enough to help, this would be a great learning experience, you would be dealing with 12v, 120v, plumbing, woodworking, weatherproofing, etc, etc.

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