Travel Without an Overflow of Souvenirs…Ask Yourself These 5 Q’s

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This past year, we shared some information about how many people find that experiences vs material objects can lead to lasting happiness. Many RVers, especially full time RVers will agree that having less can mean having “more” with regard to happiness, as well. Although we agree, sometimes it’s hard to pass up those nifty souvenirs and just cool stuff that you come across on your travels.

We found these 5 important questions to ask yourself when you’re on that trip this year and find yourself debating whether or not to “buy it?”. These questions were posed from Apartment Therapy, which does a great job providing tips for small space living. Obviously, RV living relates to small space living. So, on the next page, check out these questions and the reasoning behind them. See if they are helpful and have meaning for you…

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