Water Pressure Regulator…Dual Purpose!

Tips & Info

First, a water pressure regulator for your RV water hose is a worthwhile purchase. It does what the name says, it regulates the amount of water pressure from your water hose into your RV plumbing. You can adjust the water pressure from your water hose and thus protect your RV’s plumbing. You may come across a campground that highly suggests use of a water pressure regulator. We did, in Texas. The campground’s brochure clearly mentioned using a regulator:


photo by: RV Beagle

Second, you may find that having a water pressure regulator can serve another purpose… it helps conserve your water usage. Conserving water and thus limiting how fast you fill up your gray tank comes in handy when you’re camping at a place without full hook ups! Many state parks and beaches that allow RV camping, usually just have electric and water hook ups.

So, if you’re not that great at consciously using “less” water when brushing your teeth or showering, then grab that water pressure regulator. ┬áThis will force you to use generally, less water. It made a difference for us. Maybe it’s use, along with using paper plates, could contribute to one less trip to the dump station.

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