Go Ahead… Spoil your Furry Family Member! Beagle Approved Campsite Chair!


RVing with your furry family member is the best. So, of course we want them to have the best experiences at each destination. Even though dogs love to lay in the grass and sunbathe, sometimes they find it even more comfy to have their VERY OWN chair at the campsite! We found our Beagle this foldable camping chair at an RV Supershow and it was a great purchase for ALL of us. She jumped up on it immediately and it was BEAGLE approved! Great for snoozing, sunbathing and most importantly, family relax time at our campsite.

We liked that this chair was foldable and thus portable. She even used it indoors while we were waiting for our RV maintenance to be completed at the shop. She knew it was her chair and she sat in the waiting room feeling safe and cozy! Of course, we made sure that dogs were allowed in the waiting room. Funny thing, the sign said no dogs on the furniture. We didn’t have to worry about that rule.

This chair was from Camping World, size medium. Apparently, Camping World has a new design of this chair available now. The new design looks like it sits lower to the ground than the one we bought. Reviews are mixed. Let us know if you have this new design and what you think of it.

Overall, it’s a MUST on our list of RV dog necessities. We think this pic says it all…


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