Thundershirt… A Great RV Necessity for Your Dog! A Must Music CD too!


Many pet owners have heard of Thundershirt and have seen it displayed at their local PetCo or PetSmart stores.  Here at RV Beagle, we always love to see RVers enjoy their travels with their dogs and cats and therefore, we try to pass on any helpful pet travel tips. Here’s our personal experience with Thundershirt.

So, does it work for more than “thunderstorms”? Our answer is YES! We bought our beagle, Darla, a Thundershirt from the infomercial, long before it was sold at PetCo. Our intention was to use it during thunderstorms, as advertised, and we were amazed that IT WORKED during that first thunderstorm. Darla still wanted to sit next to us on the couch when it stormed, but she stopped shaking and panting like she did before wearing her Thundershirt and she even fell asleep during the storm. We were thrilled! Money well spent, no doubt about it.


The next test for us included Darla wearing her Thundershirt while we were DRIVING. She really did not like the RV in motion…too many loud bumps on the road and occasional household stuff rattling inside the RV were a source of anxiety for her. So, Thundershirt again WORKED. She didn’t pace as much while we were driving and she did settle down and doze off on the passenger’s lap.

RV Beagle

RV Beagle

The last test for us was the dreaded 4th of July fireworks. For most pet owners, it’s a no brainer that fireworks are a nightmare for our pets. This event required a little more help for Darla. Yes, her Thundershirt worked…no running under chairs or panting, but still some shaking. So, we added a relaxing music CD made for dogs called “through a Dog’s Ear” and after a 10 minutes or so, she was calming down. The songs are basically piano arrangements that have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety in dogs. We downloaded it from iTunes, but it is available for purchase on the company’s website as well as on Amazon. com. (See the links at the end of this post.) We really enjoyed listening to the music ourselves as well.

photo: through a Dog's Ear

photo: through a Dog’s Ear

In a RV, thunderstorms are a different experience than in a house. The rain alone is so much louder and you can just about feel the vibration of the heavy rain hitting your RV’s roof. Driving can also be a source of anxiety for your pets due to road noise and common inside RV rattling noises. It’s no wonder that during storms our pets look up at the ceiling and/or while driving look around like the world is ending. So, we knew that we wanted find a remedy for our girl, Darla. In our family, the Thundershirt was a huge help and we can easily say that it’s Beagle Approved!


RV Beagle

P.S. We sent in Darla’s pic to Thundershirt and they posted her pic on their site. Cool! Darla got her few moments of fame! Thanks, Thundershirt.

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